Why Does Your Body Need Kangen® Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

Why Does Your Body Need Kangen® Electrolyzed Reduced Water?

Surely you know our bodies are comprised of over 75% water. The water available to our families is said to be safe and good for us. Is that really true? Unfortunately, in today’s world, municipal water sources are over processed and this includes bottled waters…there’s many things society misses, such as the ph of drinking water.

Firstly, our tap water contains chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride and brace yourself…Pharmaceutical medications! Yes indeed, that’s correct! Studies show that our municipal treatment plants are not currently equipped to remove the plethora of pharmaceuticals found in our water sources.

Secondly, utilities insist that because the concentrations of the various chemicals including pharmaceuticals are tiny, measured in quantities of parts per billion (PPB) far below the levels that will harm us.


Finally, pharmaceuticals are said to be far below the level of a medical dose. Therefore, we are told that the water is SAFE. I don’t know about you and your family, but I choose to not consume the cocktail of chemicals or anyone else’s drugs in any amounts, certainly not in my drinking water.

People all around the world and especially the U.S, are more aware of what is in their water supply and are becoming more knowledgeable about Kangen water. Kangen water is real alkalized water and hydration rich water, which helps with dehydration – one of the largest disturbances in the elderly population today.

Kangen Water: AlkaLIZED vs AlkaLINE”

This water is the safest and healthiest living water today. It’s simple and affordable for everyone to have a Kangen device in-home. When you connect a portable Kangen Water processor to your tap water source at your kitchen sink, you will be instantly transforming your acidic tap water, containing chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs and much more, to healthy living water which is AlkaLIZED via electrolysis.

Let’s not forget how much money you will save. Common Alkaline waters that are being sold in our grocery and even health stores, are misleading consumers and they are paying a premium for these waters due to marketing hype. You are not purchasing real alkalized water.

Consumers are unaware of the fact that these bottled alkaline waters are altered chemically typically, inorganic minerals are added which is not good for health. These bottled waters are not alkalizing the body tissues. There is a huge difference between Alkaline and Alkalized and that difference is sickness vs. health.

There are other important properties to healthy living water in addition to the alkaline water benefits.

Our bodies are Electric! Electricity allows your nervous system to convey signals to your brain. The electrical signals within the body are responsible for the rhythm of your heartbeat, the movement of blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid through the body and the communication from cell to cell.

WOW! We are quite amazing electrical beings! If electrical activity stopped in your body, you would be dead. The human body is like a battery and runs on low frequency cellular voltage (sickness) and high frequency cellular voltage (health). Electrons fuel this cellular voltage and Kangen Water is abundant in billions of electrons!

When a person is sick and over acidic, there are many contributing factors that are stealing electrons from the body tissues. When you can flood your body with electrons on a daily basis you can build up your reserve and stay on the side of wellness. What’s the best way to do this? Drink Kangen Water fresh from your home device every day and see what it can do for you and your family!

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