What Is Kangen Water®?

In Japanese the word Kangen means:  “return to origin”.

Kangen Water® is produced in your home when simple tap water has been filtered then restructured through ionization. During this ionization process several important things happen to alter the structure of the water making it more useful by the body.

The Ionization Process:

1. Replaces water soluble acids with calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and trace minerals to create great tasting healthy alkalized water.

2. Lowers the electron millivolt (mV) charge of the water creating a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) resulting in a true “anti-oxidant” water.

3. Breaks large water clusters into “micro-clusters” increasing hydration.

4. Aids in the displacement of acids through the body’s normal channels of elimination including the kidneys, bowel, lymph and skin.

5. Changes the cell membrane potential allowing a free exchange of fluids in and out of the cells.  (Bringing nutrients into the cells and flushing toxins out of the cells)

6. Nature has produced “Miracle Waters” in only 5 places in the world.  The native people in these areas enjoy long and healthy lives.  The secret to these waters is that they are clean, alkalized, micro-clustered, hydrogen rich, “anti-oxidant” waters.

Kangen Water® contains the greatest anti-oxidant potential of any water.

Now you can enjoy the advantages of these “Miracle Waters” in the comfort and convenience of your home for just pennies a day.

Not all water is created equal. Check it out!


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