A Water Bottle’s Journey Before It Hits Your Hands

The Journey. 

What is the best, health promoting, least expensive bottled alkaline water in our grocery store? It doesn’t exist. Alkaline water in the grocery is chemically altered every time, which is not healthy.

Now the bottle water companies are marketing Hydrogen water. The hydrogen component of water is very health promoting when freshest as possible. However, Active hydrogen cannot sustain its value in a bottle on a store shelf for a length of time.  (I can show you the test first hand). So maybe the water was rich in hydrogen when the water was first entering the bottle. But how long ago was that? More than likely, months ago.  Maybe a year ago by the time you drink it. Have you ever thought about the lengthy process from the time water enters a bottle? The FDA considers bottled water to have an unlimited shelf life until opened. That does not mean that the value of the properties in the bottle water are health promoting. Not cool.

The Bad News.

Misleading bottled water labeling and marketing has created much confusion for the consumer. Many consumers are coming to the Hydrate Global team because they are ready to learn about healthy options that actually save then a lot of money and they are looking for water they can trust for the health of their families.

The highly unregulated bottled water industry is charging a premium (more than the $ of gasoline) for water that is not health promoting. The marketing hype is disturbing to me. For testing purposes, I purchase newly marketed bottled waters frequently for my client demos so they can see for themselves what they spend their hard earned dollars on. The science, testing and proof does not lie. Seeing the visual testing is truly an eye opener that people need to see.

Very commonly, we test and find that the health promoting properties that are promised to the consumer from bottled water manufacturers, are non-existent. There are specific vitally important properties of water that are essential to our health and required by our body systems to ensure optimal functions and support our health. Active hydrogen; electrical based antioxidants are  proven to be a key components in healthy living water. Also, in order to receive the true health benefits of “Alkaline” water, that water must first be ALKALIZED  naturally. Not alkaline through a chemical process, or by adding inorganic minerals that the body cannot assimilate. The chemical process involved in most bottled waters has been proven to cause us harm. Even though bottled water companies are focusing more so on using BPA free plastic, there are numerous other chemicals that are laced into the making of plastic bottles that haven been shown to seep into the water that your about to drink. Some of these chemicals are proven to be endocrine disrupters. AND…what about the planet? 60 million water bottles are thrown away every day in the USA alone and only a small percentage of them get recycled. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. See below for your solution. 

The Good News. 

You can transform your home tap water, at your kitchen sink, into endless amounts of Kangen water (properly structured) for your entire family for under $1.00 per day. Re-fill and Re-use your favorite BPA travel bottle over and over with Kangen alkalized, ionized living water! You see, our bodies are designed to combat and eliminate toxins naturally, but in today’s overly toxic world, our bodies seriously need assistance. Kangen Water is your answer. Bottled waters and tap water is so overly processed (Commonly reverse osmosis process) that it cannot do what water is meant to do and flush the bad stuff out, and the plastic actually contributes to the chemical burden (19 known toxic chemicals in the plastic bottles).

Kangen Water is properly structured ionized water that  gets the job done! The focus of this water is to eliminate toxins from the body that otherwise accumulate in our cells and tissues and contribute to over-acidity which leads to inflammation and disease. This is too important to our health, now and for our future to not know about it. High quality water is the most vital foundation of a health program. The body is comprised of 75% water. Doesn’t it make sense to focus on that 75% with quality water? Kangen hydration is the most powerful protection against harmful oxidation and cellular aging.

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