Electrolyzed Kangen Water vs Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water: There’s No Comparison

Truth in Advertising

This is an interesting read, 2018. I recently created a bottled water cost example for a client using Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water. Not only is bottled water a huge silent expense, but most bottled water is sold based on marketing, promotional messages, and as I would say, HYPE.  Reference Article

The Bottled Water Hype Cost Comparison That Will Surprise You

Recently, I read a June 2018 article called, Misleading Marketing Fuels Bottled Water Consumption,based on a published study in the journal,Communication Research Reports. This was a quantitative study and focus group, assessing how people formed their ideas about bottled water. Most people buy bottled water based on advertising, marketing, promotional material and packaging and don’t realize how inflated the prices are. The researchers say that common misperceptions about bottled water products such as health benefits are reflective of “a lack of objective or science based knowledge” that can lead to drinking more bottled water. They also noted that since 2004, studies by the Pacific Institutehave demonstrated single-use water bottles are a major pollutant in the environment.

Fundamentally, people are accustomed to purchasing “convenience” and interested in saving money. They don’t stop to think about the day to day cost and there is a lot of trust being placed in the hands of the marketers when it comes to truth and health. When it comes to value and cost of bottled water,  money is going down the drain, so to speak. Our current generation is the first to be raised on bottled and packaged beverages. They are motivated by convenience and not placing much focus on whether or not the product is providing health benefits, or giving a lot of thought to the environmental impact.

At Hydrate Global, we bring awareness, facts and science to the forefront and provide a health promoting, green economical solution. It takes a special technology to transform your kitchen tap water into healthy living water. This ionizer technology is manufactured in Japan where it is classified as a medical device. The global company is Enagic, manufacturer of a quality line of ionizers designed for home use and available to you through Hydrate Global.  Once you own your Enagic ionizer device, you and your family will have endless amounts of 7 different kinds of Kangen Water at a push of a button, mimicking pristine glacier quality water right from your kitchen tap. Not only for drinking but also for cooking, food prep, washing harmful chemicals from your produce, including organics.

Note comparison below:

Here’s an example of the expense of TRADER JOE’S Alkaline Water with Electrolytes 

*This example is based on a conservative quantity of water for an individual weighing 160 pounds                                                                         

33.8 ounce Bottled Water @ .99 cents per bottle

*This water and most bottled water, is purified through Reverse Osmosis (RO),
The RO process strips the water of its natural minerals and properties. This process is harmful to health. It is chemically altered to make it “alkaline”. (That does not mean it is actually alkalizing body tissues as we are lead to believe through marketing strategies).

Note: A 160 pound person requires 80 ounces per day, MINIMUM.

2 1/2 bottles = 85 ounces

.99 cents X 2.5 bottles     = $2.47 per day (*that’s one person drinking)
$2.47 per day X 30 days = $74.10 per month
$74.10 X 12 months        = $889.20 per year

$889.20  X   3 years  =  $2,667.60      

                  X   5 years  =  $4,446.00 

                 X   15 years  =  $13,338.00 

Ok, so now you have seen the outlay of money for one person drinking bottled water that virtually has no health promoting properties and as research shows, can be harmful to your health. Now let’s take a look at how much you can actually save by investing in your own Kangen ionizer device for your family.(medical grade devices)

The average household invests in our flagship model Kangen Water Unit : 

$3,980  *One Time Investment

That equates to under $1.00 per day.

For this investment, your family will have all the hydrogen-rich water needed, for life, at a fixed cost…..and the benefits include:

  • Properties that are proven “best” for your body (Proof)
  • Water that absorbs into your body to fight harmful free radicals: (Explained by Dr. Michael Donaldson)
  • Real Alkalized Kangen Water vs Fake Alkaline water (i.e Essentia, Core, Smart Water, AquaHydrate, etc.)
  • Provides various different types of water for sanitizing, disinfecting and skincare

It’s not only science, it’s also a simple decision:

  1. Invest in a machine that produces Kangen Water
  2. Spend $889.20 a year per person for a lifetime that has zero health benefits.


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