The Rise Of Cancer, Disease And Chemical Cocktails

The crippling results of dehydration are often overlooked and misunderstood. Acidity is a silent killer and most people don’t realize that the connection between the two can mean the difference between thriving in health v/s struggling in sickness. 100’s of families continue to rely on us as your local qualified Hydrate Global representatives for a powerful wellness solution. Kangen Water provides the body what it requires to reduce acidity which is directly connected with inflammation, rid the body of dangerous toxins and avoid chronic dehydration.

Kangen Water is not only for properly hydrating us. It is over 90% more effective at flushing acidity and chemicals from our cells. No other water can accomplish this. The rampant increased use of chemicals along with the consumption of acidic foods and beverages plays havoc with human life and other life forms. A few of the many uses of the 5 different Kangen Waters are washing dangerous chemicals from your produce, including organics, food preparation and cooking, skin care as a toner and medicinal use; cleaning, disinfecting and so much more.  We consider the Kangen Water SD501 ionizer to be our physician in the kitchen.

What about our beloved pets? Disease and cancer is on the rise with our pets, more than ever as they are diagnosed with multiple human diseases, including cancer. Why such an alarming increase? Pets are effected by chemicals and toxins just like us. What we do to protect our health begins with the foundation of chemical free, healthy properly structured water. Pets love Kangen Water too!

Unavoidably, when pesticides are applied onto a surface, they enter our soils, our water source, and the air we breathe, therefore, entering our food sources and then our bodies. These chemicals accumulate in the cells of the body and create collateral damage resulting in sickness, disease and cancer but often not realized by the general public to be a direct underlying culprit. We must constantly flush the inner terrain of our bodies.

The amount and strength of chemical cocktails the EPA consider to be “safe-allowable amounts” for human consumption” continue to skyrocket at our health’s expense. It has been proven that Roundup is one of many dangerous chemicals found to cause disease such as cancer. Answers to healthy hydration requirements for the body cannot be found on the grocery store shelf.


There are very important reasons why this is true in terms of healthy living

  • Kangen ionized alkalized properly structured water cannot be bottled long term. It must be fresh.
  • Bottled water companies are making a fortune through expensive marketing tactics about water that is over process and NOT providing the essential life supporting properties that water must have to resonate with the body’s healthy needs and ability to thrive.
  • The solution to pollution inside the body is dilution. Kangen Water works


Buying bottled water costs more than what we pay for gasoline per gallon

  • Hydrate Global has an affordable solution for your family.
  • Bottled waters are over-processed and artificially and chemically altered
  • We provide our clients real value and successfully connect the dots between hydration and health and we can explain and show you how we do it.
  • The focus of the water we work with is to super hydrate our trillions of cells, naturally alkalize body tissues and effectively eliminate the toxins from the body will every glass we drink.
  • Bottled water, filtered and tap water cannot accomplish this.


Most people are dehydrated on the cellular level and completely unaware of this fact, even when drinking large consumptions of conventional waters because you are absorbing only 15% to 20% cellular absorption compared to 80% to 90% of Kangen properly structured water.

Our sampling program is 100% free and designed to provide you the opportunity to experience hydration that your body has not yet known. In turn, providing us the opportunity to “Educate While We Hydrate”. This is very important because this water is unique and can provide measurable results when consumed properly.

Our greatest weapon in all of this is an alkaline body.  The pH of your inner terrain is your first and best line of defense for your immune system.  The creation of an alkaline body is the single most important thing that you can do. 

Hydrate Global represents Enagic USA, the leading manufacture in water ionization, globally. A rock solid company here to stay with for decades of science, certifications, reliability and results.  Changing the water you currently drink to Kangen Water, ionized, hydrogen rich, antioxidant rich water is a simple, yet most powerful change supporting every health regime.


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