As a Nation, We are Spending a Premium …

As a Nation, We are Spending a Premium on Oxidizing Beverages that Harm Us and Age US on a Cell Level.  – The #1 Killer in Children, Under 14 is Cancer and the 2nd is Diabetes—

OXIDATION & FREE RADICALS come into our bodies in several ways.  Free Radicals are an atom or molecule that has lost an electron. (This is when stable atoms turn into unstable oxygen free radicals).

EXTERNAL CAUSES: Alcohol, soda, sports-drinks, air pollution, toxins, chemicals, X-rays, UV rays, cell phones, computers, microwaves, GMO’s and water pollution.

INTERNAL BIOLOGICAL FUNCTIONS: Exercise, emotional stress, cellular respiration, normal immune function, inflammation, etc. These functions produce free radicals in a very specific way.  Ordinarily, our bodies are designed where we would have plenty of antioxidants to take care of that type of oxidation. However, with the additional bombardment, that is a grim expectation and this is where we spiral into illness.

The world is beginning to catch up about OXIDATIVE STRESS.  Tens of hundreds of studies prove that oxidative stress is at the base of sickness and disease.

“Conventional Medical Wisdom” decided that the way to combat “Oxidative Stress” is to increase food antioxidants and supplements.  What they don’t tell you is that those antioxidants are “tissue specific”.  This is like a band-aid because they only slow down the damage of Oxidative Stress.  Actually, only 25% of the value of those type of antioxidants are able to be utilized by the body because the digestive system destroys them.  With food and supplement antioxidants, you can take a “bad free radical” and turn it into a “weak free radical” but NOT STOP THE DOWNHILL CYCLE.

Dr. Parker states, “We have uncovered what will actually be determined to be “THE PERFECT ANTIOXIDANT”.  We are in the infancy stages of getting the message out. While this concept is simple, the results are astonishing!  Kangen Water®, Electrolyzed Reduced Water, is the foundation for wellness, the reversal of issues and the promotion of health.”

Note:  The “Aquaporin” – Discovered in 2005, is the entry point to the cell.  Kangen ER water super hydrates every cell in the body.  Kangen Water® can effectively access the aquaporin and start hydrating immediately in the mouth and throat.  Studies show that is takes 30 seconds for Kangen Water®to pass through the blood brain barrier and begin super hydrating the brain tissue and neutralizing dangerouscytotoxins. –  Dr. Michael Donaldson

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