Learn how the benefits of Kangen keep the cells in your body healthy!

Do you ever think about how your cells in your body either keep you healthy? OR keep you sick?


Probably not, so take a moment for this message. You may re-think your drink.

Not all water is the same…


When the outer layer of our cells (the cell membrane) is healthy, it is permeable, allowing water & oxygen to enter freely, therefore toxins and waste can exit freely. However, our 100 trillion cells are bombarded every day by over 10,000 hits of free radical oxidation which comes into our bodies in many ways.


Free Radical OxidationAGES US AND AGES OUR ORGANS!


 Just a few ways this happens is by consuming bottled, tap and reverse osmosis waters (which are dead in value, acidic and devoid of healthy minerals that the body can naturally assimilate. These waters are large clustered, meaning the molecules are large and cannot penetrate and properly hydrate cells.


In addition, soda, coffee, alcohol, sports drinks, fast foods, sugar, etc., are a few more examples that contribute to creating UNHEALTHY cell membranes, making the outer layer of the cells thick and sticky. Therefore, once again blocking water & oxygen from freely entering the cells of the body. The body systems back up, like traffic. Toxins and acids will then accumulate in the body tissues, blood & organs and a downhill spiral begins; OFTEN SILENT at first. This downhill spiral begins to change how the body functions every day. In turn, the body becomes more acidic.This is where ‘Kangen® Electrolyzed Reduced Water’ can assist and support you wellness regime. Kangen Water® has the ability to make our cell membranes healthier by softening the outer layer of the cells. This type of restructured water is made up of tiny molecules that can efficiently permeate the cell walls and flush away the toxins to then be excreted from the body. Kangen Water® neutralizes over-acidity in the body with every glass you drink! Kangen Water® does this, and so much more for the body and health.

Sheila Gentilella, LMT, MHS, The Hydrate Global Team








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