HEALING EQUALS VOLTAGE: We Are Electrical Beings

Our bodies are electric. Electricity allows your nervous system to convey signals to your brain. The electrical signals within the body are responsible for the rhythm of your heartbeat, the movement of your blood, lymph & cerebral spinal fluid through the body, and the communication from one cell to another. We are quite amazing electrical beings!

The human body is like a battery and needs a powerful abundance of antioxidants to stay healthy. We are constantly bombarded by free radicals that are harmful and damaging to our body tissues and our health. Free radicals are dangerous hungry unstable molecules. They scavenge healthy electrons from the body and oxidize us. Oxidation is like when you cut an apple open and leave it on the counter; it and it turns brown. The same happens to the inner terrain of our body.Free radicals steal good healthy necessary electrons from our tissues creating oxidation. This is where inflammation and cellular damage begins.

One of the primary ways that antioxidants protect us against free radical damage is by donating an electron to the free radical, thus neutralizing the free radical; like water putting out a fire. So reducing free radicals, and thus reducing inflammation based diseases, is largely a matter of obtaining enough electron donors in the body to neutralize and to render the free radicals harmless.

Now what does Kangen Water® have to do with this? The human body also uses electrons to produce energy. The Mitochondria, the “power house” inside each and every cell of the body uses electrons to make ATP. ATP is the fuel which gives our body cells energy. So again, an abundance in our electron supply is important for optimal health. We are comprised of 75% water, but most people are at only 55% to 65% and considered to be in chronic dehydration at the cellular level. Not all water has the ability to get into the cells where it’s needed where it can flush toxins and waste out, and super hydrate us.

Kangen Water® is different. Kangen Water® has a reduced surface tension, making it permeable where it can actually get through the cell walls, facilitate superior hydration and flush toxic waste out.

Kangen Water® is electrical based in antioxidant value. Billions of electrons and every glass. Electrons are key to reversing the aging process and maintaining health. For optimal hydration, drink 1/2 ounce per body weight.  For example if you weigh 160 lbs, you should drink 80 ounces per day. 

Adequate amounts of Kangen Water® can restore the body’s natural pH and amp up cell voltage, protecting our cellular health. Sample Kangen Water® free and experience how easy it is to drink. Kangen Water® tastes smoother and is less filling, you will be able to enjoy more great tasting chemical-free healthy living water every day!  


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