Great advancements in technology and medicine, but more obesity, disease and cancer?

We’ve seen the Netflix documentaries. We’ve seen the statistics, the facts and even all the evidence about the food industry, the obesity epidemic, the chemical bombardment we are all exposed to, the rising concerns about our polluted water, the pill for every ill and so on.

You can’t help everyone, but you can help your family. It’s all about education and committing to doing what’s necessary to live a health filled full life.

We live in a toxic world. If we don’t voluntarily undertake responsibility for what we can do to protect our health and reduce toxic exposure, then our health will be taken from us.

We get so tied up in, “making the world a better, healthier place,” but it doesn’t need to start with the world. You alone will not save everyone, but you can help and influence others to follow in your footsteps. Why shouldn’t the change start in your household, where your loved ones are?

Go ahead and throw out what you have heard about water purifiers, bottled water companies marketing tactics, reverse osmosis water and information about all the water ionizers from Korea that come and go overnight. These bad investments are purchased by families all over America. Sadly, they provide no real health benefits. Only a filter with minimal to zero results.



More families in America are learning about a unique and certified device called the Kangen Water ionizer, also known as, “A physician in the kitchen”. This may be something new to most Americans, but very familiar to families in Japan and other countries.

A Kangen machine produces a restructured water. It connects to your Kitchen faucet and cold water supply and transforms your chemical induced dead tap water into a hydrogen-rich, electrolyzed alkalized ionized water, which is LIVE water, free of chlorine and other harmful contaminants. This is alkalizedwater, not alkalinewater that you are able to buy in stores. Again, if you bought a water softener great! The pipes in your house are very happy you did, but what about your body’s pipes?



What most don’t understand (or choose not understand) is that Kangen machines are the ONLY products on the market that can produce properly restructured water that we’ve mentioned above. It’s not magical, nor is it some secret special water, its decades of research, clinical application and studies, molecular science and engineering.

Think about a Kangen device as a glorified ionizer, purifier, and filter combined into one, with a very large lighting strike in a box, per se. Engineers have found a way to re-process and restructure the water into a powerful antioxidant solution. They have added a high quality filter to clean the water and captured that lighting strike, preserving the natural minerals. Water passes through several highly charged certified medical-grade patented plates, and produces the best water that is the most bioavailable to the body for super hydrating and detoxifying.



A Kangen machine is unique in that they are each assembled by qualified technicians, ensuring high quality and reliability. The knock offs water machines have mesh plates (no patents) which are smaller in surface area and deteriorate overtime. Water passing through these poorly designed plates can be harmful to your body.

Kangen machines use a transformer power supply. This means the machine generates an elevated steady rate of power. Your tap water flows through the on board filter in the device, then passes over several electrically-charged solid patented titanium and platinum medical plates, splitting the water into an acid and an alkaline stream. This allows your water to be restructured and alkalized for drinking and also acid waters for many valuable uses, whereas the knock off brand (all others) use switch mode. Switch mode is an unreliable current that is not steady.



Why do Kangen machines use a high voltage amp with a transformer power supply and the knock offs do not? The Kangen machine can withstand the consistent current of high wattage without damaging the patented plates, hence why they are the only patented and medical grade (stronger).

The knock off brands will use a lower wattage switch mode supply. The power will go up and down and continue this process. If these other brands used a higher wattage they would destroy their mesh plates. They are unable to use the same patented technology as the Kangen machines, which is why they market their products as a more cost effective option, while providing no actual value.

These machines needs to have certain elements in order to transform your tap water into alkalized, electrolyzed and hydrogen-rich water (live water). Because of these main reasons above, no other “ionizer,” “softer,” or “purifier” on the market can provide value like a Kangen machine.

Families rely on Hydrate Global for healthy hydration, cooking, skin care and very importantly thoroughly washing harmful pesticides and herbicides off of fruits and veggies before consumption.

Hydrate Global represents the leading manufacture in water ionization. A rock solid company here to stay with for decades of science, certifications, reliability and results.

Restructured water is the elixir of life, not todays bottled and tap water. Become informed so that you can choose wisely and safeguard your health and your family’s health.


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