A Glass Of Electrically Charged Alkalized Water Has More Antioxidants Than Eating A Gallon of Blueberries

Water is just water, right?

This is like saying, “you will get arthritis from cracking your knuckles” or  “ketchup is healthy, it’s like eating tomatoes”

There is a big difference between alkaLINE water and alkaLIZED water. This is very important to understand, especially if you are looking for a quality water machine for you and your family.

Alkalized water is  electrically charged and goes through a process called electrolysis. Only 1% of americans know about this product we are about to share and it is the only machine that is able to produce this type of water and provide results, demonstrations and science to back it.

If you are considering an alternative to tap water and bottled water, do your research.

The alkaline water people drink today is no better than the regular bottled water people consume from the store or at your local gas stations. The alkalized water produced from this machine holds the lowest ORP count of 500 to 600 and sometimes can reach as low has 850.

ORP – Oxidation, Reduction, Potential.Basically, it’s the potential to reduce oxidation. The lower the number the better.

For example, fruits have an ORP of around 100. Then we have bottled water at +200, tap water at +300, and sports drinks and soda’s follow behind that at +400 to  +600. Kangen machines create the healthiest water in the world.

Bottled alkaline waters sold on the market today, are over-processed and chemically altered to be sold as “alkaline water” which is not good for your health. And they are very expensive. It is also used as a medical device in Japan, Germany and Canada.

Kangen Water is living water, rich in active hydrogen, electrically alkalized, and is scientifically proven to be the best water for your body and overall health.

How can we reshape our health?

The best place to begin is to become knowledgeable and aware of the many alternative options and methods available to you. You may be surprised at how many answers are within your reach. Dietary shifts can make a difference as the effects of various foods that we choose can either reduce or exacerbate inflammation in the body.

One of the most important and highly effective decisions you can make as a foundation to the foods you eat and the supplements you consume, is to choose water that has living properties, rich in active hydrogen and electrically alkalized.

Kangen Water is that special kind of water. Kangen Water is properly structured and can bring the body back into balance. Optimal hydration is needed to bring nutrients into the cells and flushes toxins out of the cells.

This video will show the healthy flow of your blood cells after drinking 12 ounces of Kangen water vs. 12 ounces of Dasani and Coffee.


Reduce Chemicals and Toxic Exposure

Our air is polluted.  Our water is polluted. As we know, consuming fruits and vegetables is very important for our health. However, are you aware of how heavily sprayed they are with chemical pesticides and herbicides?

These chemicals are oil-based chemicals, created in that way so that rain water cannot wash them off. What this means is that your tap water will not wash these dangerous chemicals off your produce either (this includes many organics).

It takes a special kind of water to effectively wash and clean our fruits and vegetables so that you can reduce toxic exposure by not ingesting them.

Simple Changes To Improve Your Health.

  • Limit fast foods and acidic beverages
  • Cook at home instead
  • Eat preservative-free foods
  • Effectively clean your produce before eating and juicing
  • Exercise
  • Avoid processed table salt and use a high quality pink Himalayan Salt
  • Reduce your consumption of sugar
  • Avoid unhealthy fats
  • Get enough quality sleep (Being sleep deprived can raise your risk for certain chronic health problems)
  • Introduce probiotics and Enzymes into your supplement regime
  • Stay informed and educated about your health
  • Enlisting a Naturopathic Physician into your health regime (Naturopathic medicine blends modern science with traditional and natural forms of medicine)
  • Ditch the soda and optimize your health and hydration by drinking Kangen Water.

Some sodas contain upwards of 40 grams of sugar per 12-ounce serving, which is equivalent to approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar and 200 or more calories! Calories are still calories, and when you’re consuming two to three sodas a day, that can significantly increase your caloric intake. Don’t switch to diet soda either.

Research shows that artificially sweetened soda also contributes to weight gain — among other ailments. A two-year prospective study that involved 166 schoolchildren found that increased diet soda consumption was linked to significant weight gain. Instead of a sugary soda, introduce your children to Fresh Kangen Water!


Taking charge of your health means knowing how to prevent disease rather than just popping a pill for an ailment.

Kangen Water explained further at HydrateGlobal.com.

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