The Elixir of Life: Water is the lifeblood of our earth.

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Most of us do not recognize or question the emotional and spiritual attraction we have to water. Sinking into a relaxing bath when tired or stressed, a soothing and stimulating shower, attraction to the ocean or lake or pool, sail in a bay, visit a water park and so on. Water vacation destinations have been at the top of our lists for decades.  

That being said, what about the need of quality water for proper hydration of the body? Most people assume vitamin supplements help to improve their health but actually, the nutritional supplements offer few health benefits or none at all unless we are properly hydrated.  Living water is our body’s most critical nutritional need with its energizing and cleansing effects.  All that happens in our bodies happens in water.

There are well over 100,000 chemicals in use in the USA and most are untested and unregulated. These chemicals find their way into our bodies via our food, water, personal care products, lotions, fragrances, detergents, household chemicals and thru the air we breathe and rain fall. 178,000,000 (million tons) of glyphosate (Round Up) and Agent Orange are sprayed on all our grains and crops annually? This toxic combination of chemicals is called “Enlist Duo”, approved in October of 2014. These chemicals are all toxins that cause inflammation and inevitably, many health issues. Research shows inflammation to be the root cause of disease.

There is no escaping! So what can we do to protect our health and our family’s health and defend this overwhelming toxic burden?

CHANGE YOUR WATER – A simple, yet powerful change. We are comprised of over 75% water and quality matters. The focus of water is to saturate the trillions of cells in our bodies and keep us hydrated. But that’s not all. When water is properly structured, it is a powerful detoxifier and responsible for continuously flushing toxins and chemicals out of our cells and tissues, then eliminated from our bodies. If we don’t clean the inner terrain of our bodies, we become sick, like the fish tank analogy. If you don’t change the fish bowl water, the fish die. Our trillions of cells in our bodies are like fish in a fishbowl, totally dependent on water quality and quantity.

It takes a special kind of water to accomplish the body’s needs.

There is a technology that transforms tap water back to the way ancient water was before becoming contaminated, changed by industry and then over-processed. This technology has been utilized in top tier hospitals and clinics in Japan for over 4 decades and known as the leader in healthy water ionization globally. Enagic is the manufacturing company and the water produced is called Kangen Water®. “Kangen” translated from Japanese, means RETURN TO ORIGIN, the way nature intended.   Kangen Water® is considered to be living water and one of the most beneficial enhancements for every health regime.

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The person who is properly hydrated is always healthier, less toxic, more energetic, less prone to disease and better able to fight disease. If you’d like to know more, message or call us. We are here to help!

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