What is Electrolyzed Reduced Water & Why You Should Drink It?

Electrolyzed reduced water is also commonly known as alkaline water. This has antioxidant properties that are good for the health. However, now all alkaline are antioxidants. Water that has a pH of over 7 is called alkaline. If tap water has a pH of more than 7, then it is alkaline but it does not follow that it has antioxidant potential. Water that is electrolyzed contains antioxidant properties.

Electrolyzed water is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants protect our body from free radicals that can cause a lot of diseases such as cancer. They attack the immune system and can lead to various minor to major illnesses and even degenerative diseases.

There are free radicals all around us. From the food we eat, the pollution, cigarette smoke, the things we use, and many others. The body needs antioxidants in order to fight the free radicals in the environment. This is why alkaline water is a good source.

By drinking alkaline water, you can increase your body’s protection from various health issues. Since water is easily absorbed, this is said to be more effective than capsules and other products.

Keeps pH body levels balanced

It is not easy to maintain the body’s pH level. Most of the food we eat is acidic so the body is actually more on the acidic level. This can cause stress to other parts of the body. Modern diet and lifestyle contribute to the body’s acidity. Hence, there are more diseases today because of increased body acidity.

Electrolyzed reduced water helps neutralize the acid levels of the body and prevents diseases. Those who are sick can speed up their recovery by drinking alkaline water.

Improved hydration

Electrolyzed water can provide better hydration to the body. How so? The molecules of alkaline water is much smaller, hence, it can be easily absorbed by the body. This water can also aid in the body’s functioning.

It’s wise to choose the right equipment when dealing with Electrolyzed water. Some of the most effective equipment are as follows:

  1. LeveLuk SD 501 Enagic (Flagship Model)
  2. LeveLuk SD501 Platinum
  3. The Kangen 8
  4. The SD501U
  5. The LeveLuk JRII
  6. The LeveLuk R
  7. The Super501

Detox the body

One main advantage of drinking alkaline water is that it can flush away the toxins in the body. This is why drinking plenty of water is important for one’s health. Of course, aside from increase in fluid intake, it is equally important to eat fruits and vegetables.

Improved immune system

Regular intake of alkaline water can boost one’s immune system. By keeping the body in an alkaline state, the toxins can be cleaned and is good for overall health.

There are a lot of benefits from electrolyzed reduced water. Taking into consideration the diseases that alkaline water can prevent, it is sometimes a puzzle why everyone is not drinking alkaline water. If you can prevent illnesses from afflicting your body, why not start drinking alkaline water? There are machines that can convert the normal water into alkaline water that has antioxidant potential. What could be better than having a constant supply of electrolyzed water right at your very own home? Everyone in the family can easily have access to alkaline water. This can mean lesser illnesses and lesser trips to the doctor.