Amp Your Energy, Improve Mental Clarity and Optimize Your Health with Hydrogen Rich Water

Well then, continue reading…we are comprised of over 75% water; not energy drinks, supplements or food. High quality living water and enough of it, is the most important decision you can make when it comes to your health, before anything else. When you flood your body with high quality hydrogen(H2) rich water it has the ability to carry nutrients deep into your cells. That means you will gain a greater benefit from the supplements you buy as they will be absorbed and utilized more efficiently at the cell level. When you spend your hard earned money on high quality supplements but consume them with low quality water, you don’t receive the optimal nutrient benefits. That’s not all! Drinking the right type of living water, abundant in hydrogen is the most powerful protection against cellular aging for many reasons. One being detoxification benefits.

Hydrogen-rich, electrically charged water penetrates cells, flushing toxins away daily. It’s the strongest and least expensive antioxidant on the market. The Hunza people from the Himalayas are the most studied tribe in the world because they live the longest (120 to 140 years of age) and with quality of life. Scientist have discovered a direct connection between their longevity and their water. When studied, it was found that the Hunza water came from pristine glaciers and contained life giving, unique characteristics, naturally high in alkaline pH and containing extraordinary amount of Active Hydrogen. This water provides superior hydration and is the right water for the cells. You don’t live near a glacier? Well it’s not necessary.

We have the Gold Standard technology that replicates glacier water and its living properties. This amazing technology has been utilized in Japanese hospitals and clinics as certified medical water for decades and you can have this option in your own home, producing endless amounts of living water for pennies per day. Interested? Curious to know more? The Hydrate Global Team welcomes your questions and can be contacted at: [email protected] or 407.342.1474.

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