Living Water Has Three Properties

Kangen Water® Is The Only Patented Technology That
Produces All Three Properties… And We Can Prove It!

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KANGEN WATER®This exciting video not only shares the truth about ineffective machines sold by ionizer salesmen, but provides proof that Kangen is the superior water provider. Science is shaping how we live, helping us live longer, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Kangen Water is hydrogen-rich and is produced through a process known as electrolysis. It absorbs into the body quicker and optimizes daily functions. It is unarguably the most powerful antioxidant available today for human consumption.

The video provides demonstrations of why Kangen is a superior ionizer. The video will explain how the machine works and it’s value, compared to all the other ionizers you find online. Lastly, you will learn about fake alkaline products sold by large companies. The science is undeniable.








Welcome To Hydrate Global! A team of realwellness professionals delivering real case studies, real demo’s and real doctors.


We provide evidence and proof that our products work.




Our online business model is a bit different. We work closely with you, providing education and facts first, so that you can decide on the best product choice that will benefit you and your family. Your decision in a superior quality ionizer from Hydrate Global is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Families and businesses around the world choose Hydrate Global and trust us as their health and wellness provider. We are in the wellness industry specifically to help people. Our staff can help you with questions and assist further if needed. Feel free to share any previous or on-going concerns with your overall well-being and we will explain how Kangen Water® Technology can benefit you the most.

Kangen Water is delicious water created from an innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkalized, acidic and Hydrogen rich waters through electrolysis. These waters have no chemicals added and can be used for drinking and also acidic waters used for various purposes, including cooking,food prep, beauty, and cleaning.


Kangen® Water Ionizers have been approved by the Japan Ministry of Health, as a top quality medical device. Our manufacturer is the only ionizer supplier certified in several areas; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 for quality control and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the prestigious Direct Selling Association. ISO certification guarantees that a manufacturing process, system of management or documentation process meets or exceeds all requirements pertaining to standardization and quality assurance.

It is very important to understand the difference between legitimate awards, honors and certifications vs bogus headlines such as, “BEST WATER IONIZER 2018”. There are no annual awards for water ionizers, at least not yet. This is a fictional headline and nothing more than a keyword companies use to rank page #1 of Google and fool consumers.

Here is what people found after comparing other ionizers to Kangen®.








“Electrically charged living water” supplies the body with extra free electrons that can be used to help neutralize disease-causing Free Radicals in the body. Free Radicals ultimately harm and accelerate aging in the body over time and damage cell membranes and tissue. Kangen Water has a strong NEGATIVE “ORP” Oxidation Reduction Potential which makes it a very potent anti-oxidant.



Most things we put into our bodies on a daily basis are acidic and this includes “dead water”. All disease thrives in an acidic environment as our bodies are intended to take in alkaline water. Specifically, the 9.5 Alkaline water produced by Kangen. Alkaline water benefits include detoxification of the body, hydrating your body, balances your body’s pH & boosting the immune system.



Another important property of living water is micro-clustering, which means the molecular structure of the water is able to pierce into the cells for maximum hydration. Kangen water is the only way to achieve this neccessity!


9.5 Alkalized Kangen Water

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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Kangen machines have a manufacturer warranty and are not manufactured through an assembly process and pumped off to retailers. Our founder Mr. Oshiro Hironari, uses his machine daily and stands behind it 100%, machines are only sold through representatives or direct from the manufacturer.

Every single Kangen Machine goes through a 22 point inspection by 5 different qualified inspectors! Ionizers are are O.E.M. Nothing is outsourced! In Japan, the same facility inspects the units and has received honorable ISO certifications for their processes.

Kangen Machines are built to last a lifetime. The electrodes are made from 99.99% titanium, which produces the highest conductivity and output on the market, and therefore better acidic/alkaline separation. This in turn produces the highest quality water at every PH level!</p>

Kangen Machines use a platinum-plated titanium coating. Yes, this is expensive were not going to lie to you, but it is THE BEST. We are in this to produce the best water and that’s what we have done.

Because of the high quality construction(titanium/platinum materials, inspection and downright passion), no one comes close to the precision technology of separating/splitting of acidic and alkaline water. Many ask, “why would you want to produce 7 different ranges of pH waters?” Each water produced is worth the value of the ionizer device

Kangen Water® pH 8.5 – 9.5
Acid water pH 6.0
Clean Water pH 7.0
Strong Kangen Water pH 11.0
Strong Acid Water pH 2.7


We’ve learned that many imitators are assemblers and re sellers. Most of them have many outsourced manufacturer processes as tablets, PC’s or small electronics companies, so it’s no surprise that they can’t or don’t want to stand behind the product. The many restriction in their warranties and their lifetime warranties are red flags.

We were not able to find anyquality control information; again there’s so many various imitators that data varies, but apparently in this department there’s nothing to be proud of. Maybe we are being too straightforward, but this is what’s necessary – if there are any out there with good quality controls to be proud of, please correct us!

Many of the imitators use impurities through alloying and mixed metal compositions; metals such as iron, nickle, chromium and copper. some step it up to titanium, but the percentages are consistently very low and mixed with other metals and impurities.

Again, the imitators in this to maximize profits and one way to do that is to minimize costs. Regarding their coatings, we’ve seen them range from white gold to baked titanium. We will spare you the all-encompassing list, but when compared to our coating it is definitely cheaper at the trade off of long-term and short term quality.

Even though there are many imitators that produce various different pH ranges, don’t be fooled by their marketing ploys and the “spin” that they put on their so-called “features”. When dealing with the competition, it really boils down to understanding the three main things that influence the creation of ionized water, which are total surface area of the electrodes (plates), amount of time the water is in contact with the electrodes and the amount of power surging through the electrodes. These are the three factors combined that will determine the strength of the properties of the water and how long they will last away from the device. This is one of the most important aspects to understand when investing in a water device for your health. We have found that the imitator companies do not provide a water sampling program due to these factors.



Besides being wellness professionals with a desire to spread our passion, we at Hydrate Global are transparent and straightforward. We only offer quality products that will last you a lifetime as well as provide educational support. Other companies spin their product features and redirect their emphasis on price instead of benefit, and attacking method of market introduction instead of product quality and performance.

We stand behind our products 100%, anyone involved with our company drinks only Kangen Water and completely understands the benefits of Kangen water. It truly is life-changing. To get to the get to the point of producing the best electrolyzed water, it took the highest quality engineering.

Kangen Machine owners understand this is an investment in their health and well-being, and it’s one worthwhile.


Water is necessary to maintain the tone of membranes for normal neurotransmission and enhances circulation that aids in removing wastes. Water keeps the brain from overheating, which can cause cognitive decline and even damage.

Unlike toxins you receive from bottled water, Kangen produces water that supports these brain functions to optimize your overall health.

Kangen Water is all about health benefits that provides real health value. If something truly benefits your health, what value would you place on it? Know the Kangen difference and be sure to do your research.


This water is not for drinking.

What Strong Kangen Water can do for you:

Food preparation
Remove harmful pesticides from your produce with high pH Strong Kangen Water®.
Clean cutting boards and dishcloths. Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents, as well as for general cleaning in the kitchen.
Stain removal
The extra strength, absorption power, will remove coffee, soy sauce, and oil stains with ease.


What Kangen Water® can do for you:

Drink Kangen Water® throughout the day. Unlike tap water, Kangen Water® has no unpleasant odor, tastes lighter, and it is pleasantly silky and does not create boating. 8.5-9.5 is the ph of drinking water.
Coffee and tea
You’ll be surprised at the wonderful color, taste, and aroma of coffee or tea prepared with Kangen Water®. You can also use less or coffee or tea and still achieve a full rich taste due to the water’s ability to draw out flavors.
Soups and stews
You can use less seasoning when cooking with Kangen Water®. Make amazingly flavorful soups and sauces.
Plants love Kangen Water®! The water stimulates germination and improves seedling development.
Pets love Kangen Water®! Hydration a big problem for pets because they can sense the chemicals in ordinary water. Place a bowl with the old water and one with Kangen Water®; watch what happens!


What Neutral water can do for you:

Baby food
Use water pH 7.0 when preparing baby food.
Neutral water is delicious drinking water that is easily absorbed by your body. Take your medicine with this water.

Acidic Water PH 2.5

This water is not for drinking.

What mild acidic water can do for you:

Face wash
The astringent properties of Acidic water are effective in toning and firming your skin. Pat the skin and leave to dry. This water is also excellent as a toner after shaving. Not buying facial toners is a huge saving for women!
Pet care
Many uses for your pets grooming and skin care.
clean mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects, and windows to a high sheen, no streaking.
Remove dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles etc. without leaving a sticky residue.
Frozen food
Spray foods with Acidic Water when freezing so that the food, including fish and shrimp, do not lose its flavor when thawed out.


This water is not for drinking.

What Strong Acidic Water can do for you:

Cleaning and disinfecting
Sanitize knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and kitchen cloths etc. Clean and disinfect in and around the kitchen, which is a breeding ground for germs. For a more powerful disinfecting effect, clean with Strong Kangen Water® before using Strong Acidic Water.
Disinfect your hands, your toothbrush, water pick or as mouth wash. Keep a spray bottle in your bathroom for easy access.
Commercial operation
Beauty salons, hair salons, restaurants, agricultural colleges, daycare centers, pet shops, vet clinics, equestrian facilities and nursing homes all benefit greatly from the use of Strong Acidic Water.

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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  • I have had the pleasure of working with Sheila and Jan and they are consummate professionals! I appreciated the fact that both Sheila and Jan are passionate and knowledgeable about their product! They took the time to educate me and answered my questions. They allowed me to sample their product free of charge and did not use pressure tactics. I believe in Kangen Water and it's health benefits. I highly recommend them and this product to my friends and family or anyone choosing to make simple healthful changes to their lives through drinking superior quality water.

    Jan Carter
    Jan CarterReal Estate Professional - Keller Williams
  • I purchased a kangen water machine and faithfully drink the water daily. I throw my fruits and vegetables in the water for a few minutes and the pesticides come right off. Good for headaches too! The reps I spoke with offered a wealth of knowledge and were very nice. I don't even think you can checkout on the site without filling out a form because it's considered a medical device, so you might have to speak with them anyway!

    Craig Coleman
    Craig ColemanFinancial Professional Independent Insurance
  • 3 years ago, I was introduced to the amazing health benefits of Kangen Water through Sheila and Jan's wealth of knowledge and expertise. I was clueless the water I was consuming had no true hydration benefits. They provided the opportunity to sample the water before purchasing my machine and have been a wonderful resource for questions and support along the way! For me, the use of the Strong Acid water and Strong 11.5 Alkalizing water aids in my cooking endeavors and provides protection by removing harmful pesticides from my produce. This has been of great value to me. I highly recommend you attend one of their Hydrate Global seminar/demonstrations as it will be life changing on how better you will feel once your body is properly hydrated. I can't thank Sheila & Jan enough for keeping me regularly informed on new and updated information supporting the benefits of this outstanding water device.

    Helen Thompson
    Helen ThompsonRE/MAX Realtor
  • After I saw the science behind it, I filled out their form and put the order through!

      I work out at the gym at least 3 to 5 times a week. The water hydrates me quickly and I use one of the Kangen Waters to wash harmful chemicals and pesticides off my fruits and vegetables. This machine is an investment and I would highly recommend Kangen Water.

    Ed Rando
    Ed RandoFinancial Professional - Northeast Financial Group
  • In January 2016 my elderly father moved in with us. One of his caregivers noticed we were very health conscious and told us about Kangen Water. We had recently invested in a two week liver cleanse and a $600 water purifying pitcher so we briefly looked over the information she gave us and filed it. About 9 months later we went to lunch with a friend and she told us she had been drinking this new water since February and was feeling great.  When we looked up the information we had at home we realized it was the same Kangen Water we had been told about in January. We asked the caregiver to set up an appointment and that’s when we met Jan and Sheila. We give you all this background because you can easily find and purchase this Kangen product and will undoubtedly feel better and be healthier. But you will not have the added benefit of Jan and Sheila. They touted the same benefits that our friend described and so much more. This water has many additional uses such as  cleaning and cooking vegetables. It is also great for your skin, a stain remover and you can use it as laundry detergent.  It is a great disinfectant and it worked amazingly on my fathers pressure sores.  I lightly misted his sores and  transformed his raw wound to healthy skin in a matter of days. The most important thing is the support that Jan and Sheila provided us.  They helped us get our machine installed and even came to the house to walk us through our first machine cleaning. They keep in touch and are always a phone call away if we need them.  Kangen water has made a big difference in our lives and so have Jan and Sheila.  

    Joan Yale and Cindy McIntyre
    Joan Yale and Cindy McIntyre
  • We needed a new machine so we started browsing online, which is where we buy everything.  We came across Hydrate Global and were comfortable buying with them because of their education videos and we were able to speak with wellness professionals. rather than ionizer salesmen. A bit hesitant at first, but after watching these videos and live testimonials, you can't fight science! My fiance and I do feel more energy and my physician said my cholesterol has lowered. THisis is what motivated me to come back to the site and write this..My dogs love it too! 🙂 I appreciate it Hydrate Global!  

    David Bruce
    David BruceEntrepenuer


The last time we checked, the global value of the wellness industry was a whopping 3.4 trillion dollars!It’s no surprise that with such a large capitalization, many companies from all around the world have this on their radar. Unfortunately, there are many companies with only the financial potential on their mind, producing products such as ionizers lacking in many areas of quality.

On the bright side there are some exceptional products and companies that care about the well-being of humanity, such as Kangen Water. Rather than being motivated by potential gains, value is placed on producing the BEST “Electrolyzed Reduced Water”, knowing that in the long run the green will growif it is watered properly! In Japanese, Kangen means “Return to Origin”. And we’re confident it takes thepatented technology included in every Kangen Ionizer, to get your bodies back to the state that God intended.

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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