Electrically charged living water” supplies the body with extra free electrons that can be used to help neutralize disease-causing Free Radicals in the body. Free Radicals ultimately harm and accelerate aging in the body over time and damage cell membranes and tissue. Kangen Water has a strong NEGATIVE “ORP” Oxidation Reduction Potential which makes it a very potent anti-oxidant.


Most things we put into our bodies on a daily basis are acidic and this includes “dead water”. All disease thrives in an acidic environment as our bodies are intended to take in alkaline water. Specifically, the 9.5 Alkaline water produced by Kangen. Alkaline water benefits include detoxification of the body, hydrating your body, balances your body’s pH & boosting the immune system.

Micro-Clustering for Maximum Hydration

Another important property of living water is micro-clustering, which means the molecular structure of the water is able to pierce into the cells for maximum hydration. Kangen water is the only way to achieve this neccessity!

Helping you find the best ``electrolyzed reduced water`` In a huge market that's easy to get lost in!

The last time we checked, the global value of the wellness industry was a whopping 3.4 trillion dollars! It’s no surprise that with such a large capitalization, many companies from all around the world have this on their radar. Unfortunately, there are many companies with only the financial potential on their mind, producing products such as ionizers lacking in many areas of quality.

On the bright side there are some exceptional products and companies that care about the well-being of humanity, such as Kangen Water. Rather than being motivated by potential gains, value is placed on producing the BEST “Electrolyzed Reduced Water”, knowing that in the long run the green will grow if it is watered properly! In Japanese, Kangen means “Return to Origin”. And we’re confident it takes the patented technology included in every Kangen Ionizer, to get your bodies back to the state that God intended.

Competition Facts - Kangen is the Gold Standard

Kangen Water®

Kangen machines have a manufacturer warranty and are not manufactured through an assembly process and pumped off to retailers. Our founder Mr. Oshiro Hironari, uses his machine daily and stands behind it 100%, machines are only sold through representatives or direct from the manufacturer.

Every single Kangen Machine goes through a 22 point inspection by 5 different qualified inspectors! Ionizers are are O.E.M. Nothing is outsourced! In Japan, the same facility inspects the units and has received honorable ISO certifications for their processes.

Kangen Machines are built to last a lifetime. The electrodes are made from 99.99% titanium, which produces the highest conductivity and output on the market, and therefore better acidic/alkaline separation. This in turn produces the highest quality water at every PH level!

Kangen Machines use a platinum-plated titanium coating. Yes, this is expensive were not going to lie to you, but it is THE BEST. We are in this to produce the best water and that’s what we have done.

Because of the high quality construction(titanium/platinum materials, inspection and downright passion), no one comes close to the precision technology of separating/splitting of acidic and alkaline water. Many ask, “why would you want to produce 7 different ranges of pH waters?” Each water produced is worth the value of the ionizer device

Kangen Water® pH 8.5 – 9.5
Acid water pH 6.0
Clean Water pH 7.0
Strong Kangen Water pH 11.0
Strong Acid Water pH 2.7


We’ve learned that many imitators are assemblers and re sellers. Most of them have many outsourced manufacturer processes as tablets, PC’s or small electronics companies, so it’s no surprise that they can’t or don’t want to stand behind the product. The many restriction in their warranties and their lifetime warranties are red flags.

We were not able to find any quality control information; again there’s so many various imitators that data varies, but apparently in this department there’s nothing to be proud of. Maybe we are being too straightforward, but this is what’s necessary – if there are any out there with good quality controls to be proud of, please correct us!

Many of the imitators use impurities through alloying and mixed metal compositions; metals such as iron, nickle, chromium and copper. some step it up to titanium, but the percentages are consistently very low and mixed with other metals and impurities.

Again, the imitators in this to maximize profits and one way to do that is to minimize costs. Regarding their coatings, we’ve seen them range from white gold to baked titanium. We will spare you the all-encompassing list, but when compared to our coating it is definitely cheaper at the trade off of long-term and short term quality.

Even though there are many imitators that produce various different pH ranges, don’t be fooled by their marketing ploys and the “spin” that they put on their so-called “features”. When dealing with the competition, it really boils down to understanding the three main things that influence the creation of ionized water, which are total surface area of the electrodes (plates), amount of time the water is in contact with the electrodes and the amount of power surging through the electrodes. These are the three factors combined that will determine the strength of the properties of the water and how long they will last away from the device. This is one of the most important aspects to understand when investing in a water device for your health. We have found that the imitator companies do not provide a water sampling program due to these factors.

But Don't Take Our Word For It


There's a Kangen ionizer to fit every budget and one important thing to remember... The motivation that led to the industries best ionizer, was for the best wellness, not the best bottom line!

Besides being wellness fanatics with a desire to spread our passion, we at Hydrate Global are transparent and straightforward. There are many companies and business owners that dance around prices for whatever reason it may be. Other companies create a huge demand or marketing buzz that may drive up their prices, but if the true value is not there this sentiment will be short-lived. We stand behind our products 100%, anyone involved with our company drinks only Kangen Water and completely understands the benefits of Kangen water. It truly is life-changing. To get to the get to the point of producing the best electrolyzed water, it took the highest quality engineering.

Purchasers of Kangen Machines know these are an investment in the most important revenue generating stream available to them – Their Health!


Solid Plates

Negative ORP


Primary Use

Additional Details

SD501 Platinum





5 Languages, Stainless Steel






Flagship Home Unit


7 & 5




Heavy Use






Top Model!






Affordable Starter






Starter Home






Same as SD501 but under sink






Mineral Spa/Showers

Ask yourself what's my health worth?

Price is meaningless, until it’s measured against value. Features are meaningless, unless they benefit you! Our competitors focus on price and features —  Kangen Water is all about the health benefits that you value. If something truly benefits your health & well being, what value would you place on it? Know the Kangen difference before you go for low price and low value!


With a long history of providing the highest-quality products, superior customer service, and opportunities for financial wealth, Hydrate Global can help you fulfill your dreams of a better life. Discover our philosophy of triple health: physical, mental, and financial.

Kangen Water is delicious water created from an innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline, acidic and Hydrogen rich waters waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning.

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!